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Welcome to the
Aloha Hawaiian Parrot Association

The parrot club "normally" meets at the Neil Blaisdell Park on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 12 Noon for a potluck lunch. Please check the events for the actual schudel and location.

Click here for directions to the park. Neil Blaisdell Park is located in the center of the map. This club is for Parrot owners as well as non-parrot owners who wish to share their experiences with others. The club normally holds raffles at the meeting along with a potluck luncheon. So bring a covered dish and chairs!

Visitors & Guests and Parrots are welcome to join in on the fun and experience the first hand education offered by various avian professionals. Pet birds are welcome to attend meetings as long as they are healthy and properly clipped.

Our membership is open to all. You don't have to own a parrot to become a member as long as the one common interest is there...Parrots. .

The Aloha Parrot Association was formed in 1994 by parrot breeders and hobbyists who are interested in "Encouraging and promoting the highest standards in aviculture, welfare and conservation of the world's most charismatic birds...Parrots".

Meeting Features: Guest speakers such as Avian Veterinarians, Avian Behaviorists, Experienced Breeders with Live Demonstrations, Handfeeding Baby Parrots, Proper Wing & Nail Clipping and Safe Toy Making Techniques, Group discussions on Avian Pet Care, Aviary Maintenance, Nutrition and how Domestic Raised Parrots Correlate to Parrots in the Wild.

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"Do you own a parrot or would like to learn more about parrots? Come to our next meeting to learn more about our club!"

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August 2009
When: Sunday, August 9, 2009  12:00-2:00
Neil Blaisdell Park
Who: Members and guests.
What: Potluck and picnic with parrots

Our avian vet scheduled for this months meeting has had to go out of town suddenly. We are contacting other vets to try to get a substitue veternarian to attend this meeting. If we are unable to secure a new vet we will have the vet for the month of September. Please plan to attend our meeting and share information and socialize with our fellow parrot owners and birds.

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